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In case you were wondering about my experience, how I became interested in antique jewellery and what I personally collect when it comes to jewels... here is a little bit about me, Rebecca, and how I founded the Jewellery Box d'un Petit Cœur.

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P'tit   in a Nutshell

 My name is Rebecca and I have worked within the antique jewellery industry since 2014. In that time I have grown a passion for the history, the craftsmanship, the gemmology and the beauty that there is to appreciate when studying and wearing old jewellery. 

I'm a collector, a buyer and a dealer of antique and vintage jewellery. I specialise in French antique and vintage jewellery, as I am based in Paris, France, however, the first part of my jewellery career was in the UK. This means that I have a special expertise for pieces with both English and French origins. I absolutely love to be able to provide people with that perfect vintage or antique match! I dedicate myself to finding special and rare pieces which have individuality and that I also personally adore. Each piece I add to the collection gives me that feeling of awe and wonder when I examen it. My aim is to match these pieces up with their next long term home, to preserve these pieces of history and to make sure they are loved and cherished for as long as possible.


There is just one member of the Petit Cœur team and that is me! This means that each piece is found, sparkled up inspected and brought to you by myself. All communication you have will be directly with me and I like to offer as personal a service as possible. Please ask any questions you may have or feel free to ask for special requests, I will always go out of my way to accommodate them when it is possible to do so.

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To preserve history in the objects that have been left behind. I endeavour to find a new home for a piece of jewellery with someone that will love and cherish it for years to come and pass it down within their family. My hope is to give that little piece of history the best chance of making it through to future generations.

antique rings, antique jewellery, antique pendants, antique brooches, victorian jewellery

The Philosophy
Petit Cœur 


Welcome to the Jewellery Box d'un Petit Cœur,  your antique and vintage jewellery online treasure trove!

The Petit Cœur collection is brought to you, exclusively, online from the heart of the city of Paris. It is my pleasure to source the most exquisite finds from across Europe, but with a special emphasis on the hidden gems of France.  Every piece in the collection is selected for its distinctive charm; they each embody an era gone by, telling a unique story and reflecting past styles and craftsmanship.

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of art deco jewellery or allow the delicate beauty of Edwardian pendants to transport you to an era of grace and sophistication. Indulge in the allure of vintage gold jewellery or travel further back in time and celebrate the beauty of Victorian jewellery, where intricate details and sentimental symbolism come together to create enchanting and historically important pieces. If you are drawn to the nature-inspired intricate curves of the art nouveau era then hunt the collection of antique French jewellery. Whatever your personal style and preference, the collection offers a diverse range of design periods and eras to satisfy even the most discerning bijoux enthusiast.

Whether you're an experienced collector or just beginning your journey, I'm pleased to offer you my expertise as well as one-on-one assistance for any requests or questions you may have. Petit Cœur endeavours to create lasting and meaningful jewellery matches with a vision of preserving items to be appreciated and cherished by generations to come. This is why I am devoted to providing you with a warm and personalised experience. I wish you to have all the necessary information and support you need to make a confident online investment decision, ensuring that you are delighted with your selected treasure.

As a collector myself, I'm delighted to share these timeless pieces with you.  My worldwide shipping ensures that you can enjoy these heirloom-worthy treasures no matter where you are. I invite you to discover the the joy of owning a piece with a story to tell and to explore the carefully curated selection, designed especially for those who adore and appreciate the beauty of the past. 


- Rebecca 

Founder & Curator

A Little Bit More about Rebecca

I'm originally from London, England, however, I am currently based in Paris, France. My location in Europe allows me the extraordinary privilege to be able to search for jewels across neighbouring countries, and bring them to you in one place here on my online boutique.

My educational background is in Art and Design. I have an Art Foundation from the University of the Arts London and a Bachelor of Arts in 3D Design from the University of Brighton. During my degree, I had the opportunity to both study jewellery history and design as well as make my own pieces by hand.

My antique jewellery career began in 2014, where I was employed to work in a long standing jewellers in the historic lanes of Brighton. During my five years in the lanes, I was lucky enough to work amongst extremely knowledgable and experienced jewellers, dealers and business owners. I was not only taught by these experts, but completely inspired by their love and passion for gemstones, craftsmanship and the history of antique and vintage jewellery.

I finished my time in the lanes as a manager and buyer for two independent jewellers after deciding to follow my dream of moving to France. This is where I founded the Jewellery Box d'un Petit Cœur. It is a small, one-person, business and I pride it on my passion and love for the pieces I sell.

In addition to my first hand experience, working with antique and vintage jewellery and gemstones, I have extended my studies with the Gemological Institute of America; where I have gained two certificates. The first for completing their "Coloured Stones Essentials" and the second for their in depth "Coloured Stones" course.

During my time working face to face with clients I was honoured to be a part of so many lovely stories and moments. This is why here, on my online boutique, I want to create as personal an experience as possible! I am here to answer any questions you may have, to offer my expertise and knowledge or to carry out special requests wherever possible.

Founder and curator of the Jewellery Box d'un Petit Cœur - Rebecca

A Little Bit about the brand


Why the namPetit Cœur?

I wanted a name that represented where I am from as well as the country that I would be starting up my business in; the majority of the pieces I find are also normally either English or French, so these are the reasons behind the dual language name.

Petit Cœur translates directly as "little heart", however, it is used as term of endearment in French and can be heard when someone is addressing a loved one fondly.

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Jewellery Box d'un Petit Cœur Logo

My educational background is in art and design; therefore it is important to me to make sure that my creativity and design skills are always being challenged in the work I do. This is why I was keen to do my own logo and branding. In addition to this I have also designed the website and I take all the photos for my business. The double hearts were inspired by my double heart locket, which can seen below in the Personal Jewellery Box d'un Petit Cœur! 

Why the Double Hearts?

Jewellery Box d'un Petit Cœur

Personal Jewellery Box d'un Petit Cœur

My Jewellery

ERA: My favourite era is Victorian but I love pairing this with vintage pieces.

METAL: I don't mind the carat but it nearly always has to be yellow!

AESTHETIC: I tend to go for dainty and detailed pieces

GEMSTONE: I love a mixture. My favourites are diamond, garnet and emerald.

victorian gold jewellery, vintage gold jewellery, antique gold jewellery
antique gold rings, victorian rings, Georgian jewellery, vintage gold
antique watch key; antique charms, antique earrings; pearl necklaces

the Petit Cœur Art Work

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