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What I am doing to aim to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

Issues concerning sustainability and our environmental impact have never been as important to address. As we all make efforts to improve in our daily lives, it is also important for businesses to do the same. I want to make sure I am making a conscious effort to make sure I carry out sustainable and environmentally friendly choices and practices for my business. I have created this page on my site, so my clients can have all the information to make sure that my business fits in with their personal ethics and buying practices. I hope it is helpful for you!

See below the practices I am implicating to ensure I am doing all I can to create a sustainable business going forward and how by choosing to shop with Petit Cœur you are supporting a mindful and conscious small independent brand.

The Jewellery

Antique and vintage jewellery is already such a great way to buy jewellery ethically and sustainably! No new materials are being taken from our planet and due to the fact that the gemstones and precious metals are all old, we can rest assured that we are not contributing to any modern day unethical and unjust trade practices. Every piece is starting a new life and will go on to start another as it is handed down to a loved one or sold on again in the future. Their value is ongoing and they will always either be reused, repurposed, recycled, repaired or even up-cycled, if they are damaged in a way that means the item can not be repaired and remain in its current form.


The Business 

By shopping with Petit Cœur you are choosing to support a small independent business. Not only does this mean that you will be able to speak directly to a real person and the owner of the business, but it also means that I welcome your input and your concerns with all aspects of the business and especially those concerned with sustainability. By supporting my small business you are creating opportunities for me and for the future of my brand, you will receive a completely personalised customer service experience in return. Supporting businesses in this way contributes to a more sustainable future for all of us.


I have designed my packaging with the intention of being as environmentally friendly as possible. Each element has been selected with the wish for it to continue its first life or for it to start a second one.  Where possible, I have only used materials that can be recycled or composted or that can easily be reused. This is an ongoing process and I will continue to evolve and develop my packaging design to ensure I am doing my bit. Here is a breakdown of the elements and my intentions for them in case you are unsure.

The Jewellery Box:

I hope that this is a box you will keep! It's a safe and secure home for your item and I have personalised the interior by hand to make them sturdy, soft and also pretty! The box, itself, is already made from recycled material but, if for any reason you don't wish to keep the box, the box exterior could be recycled again, or you could reuse the box for another purpose; such as to give a gift or as a jewellery box divider!

The tissue paper or card pouch

The tissue paper or the card pouch are there to create a lovely experience for my customers when they open their items but also to add additional protection and padding to the item. I have chosen paper with no plastic coating and that has been sustainably sourced. It can be recycled or reused for present giving!

The ribbon:

I have kept my ribbon free from my brand logo so it can easily be reused as a hair tie, for gift wrapping or for whatever else you might like to use it for! I love collecting ribbon but I find it frustrating when the logo of the brand is printed all over it, I hope you will remember my brand for making this conscious choice to make the reuse of your ribbon more simple for you instead!

The business card:

I have chosen a card which has been made from recycled materials with no plastic coating. It can be recycled or kept if you would like to keep my details to hand.

The thank you card:

A little bit of Paris for you to have with you at home. I find and collect old postcards and prints from the various different marché aux puces across Paris with the intention to give them as thank you cards. Of course, they are intended to be kept or re-used! I select vintage postcards that have not yet been used so you can pull off my sticker and use it for your own message for someone if you would like.

The packaging box and interior protection:

The packaging box is made from recycled cardboard which can be recycled again. The interior protection is always reclaimed materials that I have collected, so although they are not always able to be recycled, this is already their second life and they can easily be used again. 

Exterior delivery envelope:

It is important that you receive your package with no risk of damage. This is why I use a plastic delivery envelope for external packaging; it provides a waterproof home for the box inside as well as adding an extra layer of protection and security.

They are able to be recycled.


All my receipts are digital and sent electronically. If you would like me to resend one to you please get in touch and I am happy to do so.


 I chose to keep the packaging lightweight and compact so it  takes up less space and less weight during its time travelling, in the various forms of transportation it will take, between me and you.


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