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antique ring online collection

Explore the curated antique and vintage ring online collection. Shop by age, including antique finds from Georgian period to the vintage rings of the mid-20th to late 20th century. Discover the jewels by period, including sentimental Victorian pieces, naturalistic Art Nouveau designs and bold geometric Art Deco rings. Whether you are in search of antique diamond rings or vintage gemstone finds, use the shop filters to order by stone, gold or silver. The selection includes pieces suitable to worn as antique and vintage engagement rings as well as a collectible and statement pieces.

Each antique or vintage jewel at Petit Cœur has been carefully selected for its beauty, rarity, and quality. Being based in Paris, France, there is a special focus on antique and Art Deco French rings. 

With worldwide delivery, express shipping options and flexible layaway plans, you are able to tailor your shopping experience to your needs. Feel free to rummage!


The Entire Petit Cœur Ring Collection

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